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i'm ready for the semester to be over now

I'm lacking sleep, assignments and readings are piling up, my Brex fic is nowhere near to getting written, and the boys I've met recently are all idiots.

all these within the first two weeks of the new semester.

I'll go to a corner and have a quiet break-down now, if you'll excuse me.

yay sweden~!

sweden is... nice. my apartment rules, the people here are friendly enough, and I'm having a very slack semester. in fact, it's so slack that even I'm starting to feel uneasy and a little bit guilty. next week I'm going with qiling and her friends to Kiruna in hopes of catching the northern lights. this excites me, though the aspect of me sitting in an airplane does not. =  =  I have this problem with flight. and I tend to... oh I don't know, hyperventilate? when the ride gets bumpy. not pleasant. =(

I hope the plane is in good condition, and that it won't crash. if it does and I died, then I hope my mum won't find my hidden stash of slash doujinshis in my room. =   =

...BUT WHY CAN'T I GET AN A FOR MY FRENCH...?!! Where did I go wrong... T_T
Yay I've ordered APH doujinshi from Ebay~~!

I would probably share them somewhere... =DD Because the world needs to know the love of uke Ludwig~!!!

sick like whoa

worst food allergy, ever. =_____=

life is so weird.

... am I really going to Sweden...?

yay recess week~!

finally, a break~

... though it's not so much of a break considering the number of things I have to accomplish within the week. oh well, but still. at least I won't have to wake up at some ungodly hour anymore.

very much in love with aph at the moment (but I'm still going to finish that fma fic, I promise!). 德/意/志最萌!!!

Sep. 1st, 2009

okay the fic posts will have to wait. new semester starting, and for some reason I stupidly decided to take on French level 3. So now I'm struggling to survive through the whole ordeal.

and I don't think I've done any of the readings for my other courses, either.

... darn.

here's a thought. maybe I should post all my fanfictions up here.

yes. yes I should. a penny for my thought. =)

spoiler for ES21 333th DownCollapse )

oh. my. god.



COM 222 Assignment is also give me troubles.

COM 202 FYP evaluation is due tomorrow, and I haven't even read any of the papers yet.

CS week coverage write-up is like two days overdue, and I'm nowhere near completing it.

COM 205 group presentation needs rehearsal, compilation of powerpoint slides, and writing+memorizing of scripts. None of which is done.

COM 208 Assignment and quiz are both in next week. Joy.

French past year papers need to be done. As well as revision for Friday's quiz.

Today is tuesday. 

And I'm playing Pokemon Platinum. 

It'll be a fate worse than death.