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the deadlines for all my assignments and reports and presentations are all crammed into the first week of April... 

needless to say, the next two weeks are going to be a living hell! 

and the semestral exams are around the corner, too... Must. Revise. French! (even though French grammar is killing me =( )

exams are evil.

this is so so so the axiom of the universe. =___=

once in a blue moon update...

oh wow. it's been so long since my last update. I guess I'm still not very used to posting in LJ. Blogspot is really more for me...

End of term exams are coming. Gosh. I'm going to be so dead. As per usual, of course. Huiling is going to be studying together with me, though I seriously worry for our efficiency when we have study sessions like this, which more often than not will eventually turn into crapping and gossiping sessions... =P


I'm very concerned about my COM203. Because I have less than no clue about current affairs and political situations. And considering the fact that I am a Communications major student, I have every right to be very worried. X____X





... on a side note, Roy Musting is Love!!!

Back from the trip~

Yes I'm still alive~! Go me~~~=DD

Japan is such a nice place... to shop for doujinshis~! I'm so glad~~~

May. 20th, 2008


... I think.

My friends were staring at me as if my brain'd finally short-circuited when I told them I would be going alone. As in free and easy style. 
And comments such as "ARE YOU NUTS" "YOU ARE NUTS" and "but it's super unsafe" "omg is this going to be the last time I'll ever see you again?" are being directed at me non stop since.  

So I'm going alone. So I'm somewhat  directionally challenged. So I know little to nothing about the Japanese language.

But so what. You are only allowed to get this crazy in your prime; I don't see why I should let this opportunity slip past my fingers.

Ergo, I'm going~ and that's that dears.   

I went jogging today~!

Haven't done so in a loooong time.  

It was refreshing, yeah sure. But my legs still feel like jelly until now. 

My age is catching up to me.

work is seriously draining. =(

but on a happier note, I've received acceptance letters from both National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University~! 
Yay me~~~ =)

now the problem lays in which university to go. I'm going to pursue Communication Studies; and although word around the grapevine says that  NUS has a better reputation for the aforementioned course, I can't help but feeling the course modules NTU offers are more attractive and interesting to learn. 

soooo I'm still confused and torn. 

(work officially ends in 23 May. I'm so glad~) 


my LJ's in a mess~~ I'm still trying to get the hang of it, considering I've always been an user of plain ol' blogspot.com. Maybe I shall move my blog over to LJ after I've organised it better...

I feel old...

 I can't believe that I have officially turned 20 yesterday.

No longer a teenager. 

... Whoa. O.O


I hope I can get my letter of acceptance from NUS soon~! So tired at working at Ngee Ann...
La! My first LJ post! =D



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